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November 2023


Customer portal order status page extension [Shopify Plus]

Shopify Plus stores can now enable the Downpay customer order portal directly through the Shopify theme editor. This functionality will be coming to non-Plus stores summer 2024. Learn more

In-app support chat

Customers can now chat with Downpay's support team directly in-app.

Cart and checkout line item help text is now customizable

The line item help text that used to be hard coded as Deposit only due at checkout can now be customized per purchase option.


Improved documentation

We're constantly adding documentation and have include new sections to help with integrations and payment collection.

Various bug fixes

October 2023


Downpay now features a cart embed to support 2.0 and Vintage themes

Display total due today and total due later directly in your cart for all deposit orders. Customers can enable and customize the content of the embed from the Shopify theme editor. Learn more

Customer order portal design

Downpay's customer portal has a default design to align more closely with Shopify's account portal. Learn more

Product page help text display options

You can now choose when the help text box appears (on deposit, on pay in full, on both).


Onboarding setup guide in Downpay side bar menu

The onboarding setup guide now exists permanently in Downpay to allow customers to review setup instructions again if needed.

Downpay customer order management portal CSS classes

The customer order management portal design can now be customized using the various CSS classes on the elements.

Various bug fixes

Other news and changes

Shopify no longer requires customers to check a box at checkout when placing a deposit order. Downpay follows Shopify's design and does not have a way to enable this functionality again. We will explore introducing our own optional checkbox based on demand in the new year.

Downpay no longer sends emails when a payment due date is changed on an order. We will be re-introducing the feature as an optional notification next year based on demand.

September 2023


Payment reminders

Downpay is now compatible with Payment reminders in Shopify so that merchants can send a Pay Now link to customers on the payment due date or after the payment due date they set up in Downpay for a product. Learn more.

CSS box for product and cart embed and block

Each Downpay theme block and embed have their our CSS customization box where a merchant can further design the look and feel of the Downpay elements.

Language support

Downpay now supports 15 languages. Learn more


Merchants can how quickly contact us directly from the Downpay blocks.

Downpay and Product Options apps guide

Downpay works with many product options, variant and add-on apps so we created a simple guide to help with setup. Learn more

Various bug fixes

August 2023


Vintage theme product page embed

Merchants using vintage themes on Shopify can now use the Downpay product embed to set up deposits. Learn more

Customizable fields in Downpay Product block and embed

Merchants can now adjust the content of the deposit and pay in full fields in the Downpay Product block and vintage theme embed.

Buy button now supports deposits

Shopify's buy now button works by default for products with a Downpay deposit.

Enable free billing on development stores.

Development stores can use Downpay for testing without having to select a billing plan.

Detect when payment gateway is unsupported

Downpay's in-app onboarding now determines if a supported payment gateway is enabled.


Warning message when deleting a purchase option.

Prevent merchants from accidentally deleting a purchase option without a confirmation.

UI change for days after checkout date type option

Replaced the slider with an input field to help with easy of use.

Allow purchase options to be created without a product.

July 2023


Pay now button now available for partially paid orders

Customers can now pay their remaining balance by using View order from their initial order confirmation email. Learn more

Bulk add products to an existing Downpay purchase option

Merchants can now add 50 products at a time to a Downpay purchase option. Learn more

Create purchase options on variants

Purchase options can be created on a variant. Enabled by request only.

Downpay product block release date field

Merchants can now toggle displaying the release date on the product page.


Various bug fixes

June 2023


Toggle customer cancellations and/or refunding

By default customer portal cancellations are turned off and can be turned on in the Downpay settings page.

Payment method icons

Downpay product block can now display payment method icons that are enabled on the store.


Downpay's customer facing order management portal now links to the purchase option cancellation policy.

Toggle Border on Downpay product theme app block.

Merchants can now toggle the outline on or off on the Downpay product block.

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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