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Payment collection for deposit orders

Payment Collection


Downpay offers multiple ways to collect payment for the remaining balance on deposit orders. The key feature that powers easy payment collection in Downpay is card vaulting which saves a customer's payment method on file and can be charged at the appropriate time. This functionality allows Downpay to keep all information about the sale in one order within the Shopify order index.

Ways to collect payment on a deposit order

1. Collect payment from card on file

Collect payment per order

Once your customers places an order on your storefront, you will noticed a new partially paid and on hold (if using days after checkout date type in Downpay) or scheduled (if using specific date type in Downpay) order in your Shopify order index.

Partially paid order

You'll see the Collect payment button inside the payment breakdown box that you can use to charge the card on file.

Collect payment button


1. Open the order you wish to collect payment on from the Shopify order index page in the admin.

2. Click Collect payment and choose the payment method you wish to collect from and confirm the charge in the next screen.

The order's payment status will now be Paid and you can begin fulfillment.

Collect payment in bulk

This feature is in beta, please contact us if you'd like to try it out before release!

Request beta access

Collect payment with the Downpay API

This feature is in beta, please contact us if you'd like to try it out before release!

Request beta access

2. Customers pay remainder through order status page

Alternatively, customers can pay the remaining balance of their order from the Shopify order status page by clicking View Order in the order email confirmation they received after they placed their order on your store.

Pay now button on order status page

3. Send invoice to request payment

All non-multicurrency stores, have a button on each order called Send invoice which will the option to send invoices to customers directly from the Shopify order details page is an option.

This is not to be confused with draft orders, which are not compatible with deposits at this time.

To use this feature, review Shopify's send an invoice to a customer guide.

Updated on: 16/11/2023

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