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Downpay works with Shopify discounts, learn how to offer them.

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Downpay can be used with manual and automatic Amount off product, Amount off Order and Free shipping Shopify discount types.

Shipping Discounts

When enabling Free shipping discounts, purchase type must be set to Both or *Subscription in order to support Free shipping on orders with deposits with Downpay.


Below are limitations to keep in mind when using discounts:

Shopify does not allow Buy X, get Y to work with deposits yet, we will update our customers when it is possible.
Deposits are calculated on the original price of a product before taxes and discounts.
Discounts are deferred and taken off the remaining balance, not the deposit.
Discounts are taken on a product level, this means discounts cannot be specifed on just the Pay in full option or the Deposit option unless creating different product listings.

Updated on: 24/04/2024

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