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This page highlights a few details about how to communicate with your customers about deposits.

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Explaining deposits to customers

Payment reminders
Automatic payment reminders
Automatic payment reminders with Shopify Flow

Explaining deposits to customers

If you'd like to include a simple description of how deposits work to your customers, use the below template in your store.

How deposits work
When paying a deposit in our store, the payment method you used will be kept on file to allow us to charge the remaining balance before we ship the order to you. Once your order is ready to ship, your payment method will be charged automatically and then deleted to security purposes.

Paying your balance early
You are able to pay your remaining balance early.

Navigate to your order confirmation email and click "View Order".
Select "Pay Now" and complete checkout to pay the remaining balance

Editing the payment method on file

This section requires you to have enabled customer order management. Review this guide to enable this feature.

If your payment method is expiring, you can easily update it.

Navigate to your order confirmation email and click "View Order"
Inside the box titled "This order has a payment due in the future", click "click here" to manage your payment
Click "Update payment method" and you will receive an email that will guide you on how to update your payment method on file

Payment reminders

As of February 1, 2024, Gmail and Yahoo will require you to authenticate your domain and have a DMARC record in order to send emails to customers from a branded email address. If you take no action, then your sender email will be rewritten to to meet the minimum requirements so that you can continue sending emails to your customers without interruption. The string of numbers (123) in the default email will be unique to your store. Learn more

Automatic payment reminders

Shopify's notification system has options to send payment reminders based on the payment due date set in Downpay. Review Shopify's Payment reminder documentation for instructions on turning on these notifications.

Automatic payment reminders with Shopify Flow

Shopify Flow supports payment reminders. Review Shopifys Send payment reminder documentation to set up reminders using Shopify Flow.

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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