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Collect partial payment on deposit orders

This feature is in beta, for access, please contact us using chat or email

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Using partial pay
Partial pay receipt notification
Important considerations

Using partial pay

Downpay's partial pay feature allows merchants to collect a partial amount of the remaining balance on a Downpay order.

For instructions and access, please contact us.

Partial pay receipt notification

Partial payment receipts may be enabled through Downpay's settings page under the Notifications section.

Downpay uses Shopify's invoice template for the receipt and includes a special sentence to describe the partial payment collection.

To find this template:

Navigate to your Shopify settings page and click the Notifications section
Click Customer notifications and scroll down to Order exceptions.
Click Order invoice to preview and edit the template.

The order invoice template is used by Shopify for Payment reminders as well.

Important considerations

Partial pay can only be used on orders that were placed on the Online store with Downpay as partial payment with card on file is not compatible for draft orders, POS or other channels at this time.

Partial pay feature attempts pre-authorization (a credit card hold) for the full remaining balance and then partially captures a part of it. This means payment collection will fail if there is not enough room on the credit card on file. The authorization is only held for a few seconds, and is cleared immediately after the card is charged for the partial amount. Nevertheless this is an important limitation to consider for very large orders, where a customer’s credit card limit may be smaller than the total order amount.

Updated on: 10/04/2024

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