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Enabling customer order management


The Downpay customer portal will allows customers to:

Update the card that is saved on the deposit order they placed
Cancel their order [Only if this was enabled in Downpay's settings]

Downpay deposit order management portal

[All Shopify Plans] Setting up the order management customer portal

A script will need to be installed into the order status page to enable the Downpay order management customer portal.

Install Steps

1. Navigate to your store's settings page from the ⚙️ located in the left navigation bar.

2. Click Checkout and scroll down to the Order status page section and insert the below script into the box provided.

  {% assign items_with_plans = checkout.line_items | where: "selling_plan_allocation" %}

  {% if items_with_plans.size != 0 %}

      `<h2 class="heading-2">This order has a payment due in the future</h2>
       <p>To manage your deferred payment 
        <a href="/apps/downpay?shop_id={{}}&order_id={{checkout.order_id}}">click here</a>

  {% endif %}

3. Click Save at the top right of the settings page.

How to use the portal

After installing the portal, customers will be able to navigate to it by clicking View order in their original order confirmation email and then scrolling down the section This order has a payment due in the future and clicking click here.

[Shopify Plus] Setting up the order management customer portal

Shopify Plus stores can now enable the customer order portal directly in the Shopify theme editor.


Navigate to your Online Store and click Customize on the theme you wish to add to the portal to.

Navigate to Checkout using the template drop down selector found in the top center of the screen and then select Order Status.

Select Add app block at the bottom left and choose checkout-ui made by Downpay.

Click save.

Enabling customer cancellations in the Order management customer portal settings

Downpay includes an optional feature to allow customers to cancel their own orders as well as refund orders.


Navigate to Downpay and click Settings from the left navigation bar

To allow cancellations, check the box labelled Enable customer cancellations

Optionally, you can enable refunding the deposit by enabling Enable refunds of deposits on cancellation

How to use the portal

Customers can access the portal using the order status page. This page is accessible after checkout or using the View your order link in the their order confirmation email.


1. To modify payment method, click View order from the email confirmation or from the order status page after checkout.

2. Under the section This order has a payment due in the future, click click here.

3. Select click here under Update your payment method to receive an email link that will take you through the process.

Using the Downpay portal from Shopify classic customer accounts

You may also include a link to the Downpay portal on your Shopify classic customer account portal. To set this up, please contact us at or if you are comfortable with editing your theme code, use the instructions below:


1. Create a new snippet with the code below in the Snippets folder to the corresponding theme called downpay-customer-order.liquid

{% assign items_with_plans = order.line_items | where: 'selling_plan_allocation' %}
{% if items_with_plans.size != 0 %}
    To manage your deferred payment
    <a href="/apps/downpay?shop_id={{ }}&order_id={{ }}">click here</a>
{% endif %}

2. Locate the Customers/order.liquid or the corresponding section that powers the store's Customer Account Order. This could be main-order.liquid found in Sections. Place the code below where you would like to see the link to the Downpay portal. We recommend placing it above the order details table.

{% render 'downpay-customer-order' %}

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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