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Compatible apps

There are thousands of apps in the Shopify app store, all of which have different approaches to solving problems. Sometimes apps do not play well together. In this guide you'll learn about which apps work best with Downpay.

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Variant and options apps
Compatible options apps
Enable Downpay for products with options

Page builders
Compatible page builders
Using page builders with Downpay

Variant and options apps

You can use a product options app to add customization variants and potentially charge extra fees depending on the options that are selected. In this case, you may want to collect a deposit for the core product and all of the options selected. This guide will teach you how to set this up.

Compatible options apps

These are our top 3 recommended options apps that work well with Downpay. There are many more that work, we just find these ones very reliable.

Dynamic Product Options
Infinite Options
SC Product Options fka Bold

Most apps that allow you to assign a product option to variants that already exists in your store will work with Downpay.

Any app using draft orders on the backend to add options to the cart and checkout to charge the extra fees will not work with Downpay at this time.

If you'd like us to run some tests on a particular options app you are using, please contact us and we'd be happy to help!

Enable Downpay for products with options

If variants do not effect price

Downpay will calculate the correct totals if variants do not add extra fees.

If variants effect price

Your store must direct customers to the full cart page prior to checkout If you are using options apps to add extra fees.

To complete setup:

Set up your options in the app you have chosen

Add the main product and all of the variants it has into the same Downpay deposit purchase option

Test adding the main product and a few paid purchase options and navigate to the cart page to view the subtotal calculations.

If you are using a cart side drawer Downpay will be unable to calculate deposits on the add on products.

Page builders

You can use most page builders with Downpay if they are able to export their template into the Shopify theme editor.

Compatible page builders

Some compatible page builders include:

- Gem Pages
- Page Fly
- Zipify

To determine if a page builder is compatible, it must be able to display its template in the Shopify theme editor in order to add the Downpay product embed to the page as well.

Using page builders with Downpay

To enable page builders with Downpay:

Create your templates and ensure they are visible in the Shopify theme editor under the product templates area.

Navigate to the embeds section of the the Shopify theme editor and enable the Downpay product embed. If it is missing, please reach out to us and we will add it for you.

Inspect the template and determine an html element you'd like to display the Downpay embed near. In the Downpay embed, input this element into the field HTML element to insert relative to

Review the page to determine placement matches and make any other CSS changes as required.

Click Save on the theme editor to save your design.

Updated on: 26/03/2024

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