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Learn how to sell bespoke products with deposits using hidden product pages on the Shopify online store.

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Sell Bespoke products with deposits on Shopify
Hide products from store search and Google
Create a hidden product with a deposit
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Sell bespoke products with deposits on Shopify


Many brands on Shopify selling bespoke designs for their products. Products such as custom made wedding dresses, engagement rings or other jewelry are high value products that benefit from an upfront deposit before work begins.

Due to Shopify currently only supporting partial payment on the online storefront, this guide with take you through how to set up deposits for bespoke products on hidden product pages on your online store. This workflow is used by many Downpay customers to sell jewelry or custom made bespoke products on Shopify as a way to avoid using draft orders which do not support deposits.

There are three main steps to enabling bespoke deposit products.

Hiding the product page in order to avoid other customers finding the product

Creating a bespoke product page and enabling a deposit

Sharing the product page with the customer in order to receive a deposit

Currently, there is no way to hide a product from the Related Products* theme section.

Hide products from Shopify search and Google

A custom product metafield can be used to hide specific product pages. This metafield will be displayed in the Shopify Admin on the product pages where you will be able to enable the hide functionality.

Click Settings in the Shopify Admin.

Click Custom data from the left hand column of the settings.

Click Products under the Metafield definitions section.

Click Add definition

Set the Name field to "Hidden Product" or similar.

Set the Namespace and key to "seo.hidden".

Set the Description to "Hide product from search" or similar to remind you what this metafield is for.

Choose Integer metafield type.

Click Save to finish setup.

This metafield can now be viewed and set on a product page's Metafields section.

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Create a hidden product page with a deposit

Create a product

This section will cover how to create a bespoke product with a deposit.

Create a new product in Shopify that will be your bespoke product.

Set a product tag such as downpay on the product.

Set the Hidden product metafield to 1.

Click Save to finish product setup.

Create a deposit plan in Downpay

This section assumes you have already enabled the theme blocks for Downpay.

Navigate to the Downpay app from the left column menu in the Shopify Admin.

Click the Create purchase option button in the top left.

Set the name field to "Bespoke deposit" or similar. This will be used as an order tag as well.

Select Tags as the product selection type and find downpay. If it does not appear, wait a few more moments for Downpay to sync tags.

Set the deposit amount and type.

Set a payment due date. If you'd like to create one purchase option and reuse it for all bespoke products you sell, set the type to Number of days after checkout and 90 days. Use the date modification guide to adjust the language on checkout to not include the exact date.

Click Save to finish setup.

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Share the product page

Preview your product to make sure it looks correct, displays a deposit and does not appear in search.

Once you're ready, use the Share button found on the product page to share the product listing with your customer so they can checkout and pay the deposit.

After a customer completes checkout for the product, you will receive a partially paid order on Shopify and you may archive or delete the product page as desired.

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Updated on: 11/06/2024

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