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Downpay Overview

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Ways to use Downpay for deposits

Downpay enables partial and deferred payments while storing payment on file for each order so that you can collect the remaining balance easily. This functionality enables a variety of different selling strategies. Check out the most popular ways to use deposits below.


If you are releasing a new product and want to gauge demand to map out production, you can use Downpay to give customers a way to leave a deposit while they wait for your product to release. This helps your business manage customer expectations and makes them feel more comfortable especially if shipping date is months away.

Made to Order

If you make custom products on demand or offer commissions, Downpay is a great way to take an upfront deposit and only charge the remainder once you're ready to ship the product out.


If you run workshops or selling travel packages and want to take a deposit to secure a spot and charge the remainder the day before a booking, deposits help you with this.

Try before you buy

If you're looking to offer customers the chance to try products before being charged, you can defer payment for a given amount of time and only charge if the customer does not return the product within the window.

Out of Stock

If you've run out on products that are coming back in stock soon, you can use Downpay to allow customers to continue buying and holding their place in line. If you're used to back in stock notifications alone, Downpay is a way to level up your selling strategy by offering a minimal deposit at checkout. This will ensure a customer's payment method is saved on file and you're able to charge it once the product is ready to ship, rather than hoping they return to buy the product from you via their back in stock notification.

High-end Products

If you're selling products that are challenging for customers to pay off in full at checkout, you can use Downpay as a layaway solution to split their payment in two and make it easier on their wallets. This method is also useful when your high end products are coupled with long shipping times.

Key features

Downpay includes many features to help enable payment flexibility with many more on the way. Some features will only be available for certain pricing plans.

Downpay key features:

Deposits based on % or $ price of a product on your store or offering deferred payment per product
Payment method on file per order
Storefront purchase options design and content customization
Order tags by purchase option name and scheduled order status for future fulfillments
Customer payment method changes and/or cancellations
Customer purchase options cancellation policy at checkout

Hypehound encourages merchants to review Shopifyโ€™s guidelines for managing preorder purchase options and also understand the current limitations.

Compatibility notes

When using any kind of partial or deferred payment on Shopify, itโ€™s important to be aware of certain limitations. These limitations are imposed by Shopify and over time we hope they will be removed. Once they are, Downpay will seamlessly support the use cases below.

Deposits are available for stores using Shopify Payments or Paypal. Local payment methods are not available yet and once Shopify enables these, Downpay will be compatible.

Deposits with payment vaulting are only available on the Online store channel, while partial payments without card vaulting can be used on Shopify POS following this guide.

Deposits with Downpay is not available for Facebook Commerce and Google Merchant center

Draft orders are not compatible with deposits due to a Shopify limitation

Bundles apps like Shopify Bundles are not compatible of deposits due to a Shopify limitation

Order editing supports removing a product with a deposit and adding a custom product, but other modifications may not be supported easily

Only one future payment collection is available for orders with deposits unless using Downpays authorization feature

Buy now, pay later and subscription purchase options do not support deposits but can be used together as separate options on the same product page

Deposits donโ€™t support โ€œBuy x, get yโ€ discounts or shipping discounts due to a Shopify limitation

Pricing plans

Pricing can be reviewed our our Shopify app store page or website.

Our pricing is designed with a minimal subscription fee to support businesses large and small and a variable usage fee based on how successful we are at helping you sell more, versus overall store sales.

We've designed our pricing to support a variety of business sizes and are always open to feedback, iteration and providing custom plans that make sense for your business.

Contact us directly at to discuss pricing.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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