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Quick start videos

This 5-ish minute video series will help you get started with Downpay quickly!

1. Set up a supported payment gateway

Shopify limits deposits to two gateways: Shopify Payments or Paypal express.

Set up Shopify Payments

Set up Paypal Express.

You must have enabled one of these gateways to proceed with setup.

2. Create your first purchase option

For detailed instructions, refer to our guide for creating purchase options. If you'd like to bulk add products, refer to our guide for bulk workflows.

3. Install Downpay on your storefront

Your website will display the following Downpay content blocks once complete.

Product Page

Click "Begin onboarding" for a one click install option for both 2.0 and Legacy themes.

Install Downpay on 2.0 themes, by reviewing Adding Downpay to 2.0 themes, or watching the video below:

Install Downpay on vintage themes, by reviewing Adding Downpay to vintage themes, or watching the video below:

For issues with your legacy or custom theme, contact us for assistance.

Cart Page

Help customers understand the total due and the remaining balance in the cart.

For detailed instructions, review Adding Downpay to cart page.

If you are using a cart drawer, contact us for assistance.

4. Write your deposit terms and cancellation policy

Customize your cancellation policy to ensure customers understand your terms.

For detailed instructions, review Customer cancellation policy.

For our deposit term templates, check out our guide here.

Updated on: 01/12/2023

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