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Installing Downpay from the Shopify App Store

Installing Downpay to your store


1. Install Downpay from the Shopify App Store.

2. Read through and approve Downpay’s permissions and pricing and click Install App. Read more about Downpay permissions below.

3. Once approved, you’ll arrive at the Downpay overview screen and can begin using the onboarding guide to enable app blocks in your theme before creating your first purchase option.


Below we have listed our permissions details and reasoning:

Write CustomersUsed to allow to customers to directly change the payment method on file for an order or cancel their order through the order status page.
Read/Write OrdersUsed to keep track of orders which were processed using a Downpay purchase option in order to enable core app features.
Read fulfillmentsUsed for order management features of our app.
Read/Write ProductsUsed to keep track of products and associate them with core functionality. Write permissions are used to toggle the Only show this product with these purchase options box automatically for merchants.
Write Purchase OptionsUsed to enable Downpay to create different selling plans on products, such as deposits.
Read Payment TermsWith each order enabled through the app, the customer's payment information is stored in a secure vault made available by Shopify. This access scope allows the app to read these payment terms, so that it can help manage workflows around orders and deferred payments on those orders.
Read/Write Payment MandatesUsed to issue a charge to the customer's payment method at a time later than checkout - for example a partial paid pre order.
Read ThemesUsed to detect support for app blocks on storefront.
Read LocalesUsed to offer you a localized experience for your region.
Write draft ordersUsed for experiences focused on draft orders.
Read Shopify Payment AccountsUsed to check for compatibility with your payment gateway.
Read ReportsUsed to collect data on how our product is performing for your store.
Write InventoryUsed for placing stock limits on pre orders
Storefront PermissionsFetch data from the storefront API in order to provide integrated theme experiences with Downpay

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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