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Installing Downpay from the Shopify App Store

You will need to install Downpay from the Shopify app store to get started with Downpay.

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Install Downpay from the Shopify App Store


Install Downpay from the Shopify App Store

Follow these steps to install Downpay to your Shopify store:

Visit the Downpay listing on the Shopify App Store.

Click "Install"

You will be redirected to your Shopify admin.

Read Downpay's permissions and pricing.

Click "Install App".

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Below are our required permissions and the reasons why they are required:

Write CustomersAllows to customers change the payment method on file or cancel an order.
Read/Write OrdersKeeps track of orders which were processed using a Downpay.
Read fulfillmentsEnables order management features.
Read/Write ProductsEnables Downpay to see the store's products, and enable modifications required for displaying purchase options.
Write Purchase OptionsEnables Downpay to create purchase options.
Read Payment TermsEnables management of order workflows.
Read/Write Payment MandatesIssues charges to the customer's payment method after initial checkout.
Read ThemesDetects support for app blocks on storefront.
Read LocalesDetermines the localized experience for your region.
Write draft ordersEnables experiences focused on draft orders.
Read Shopify Payment AccountsChecks compatibility with your payment gateway.
Read ReportsCollects data on how our product is performing for your store.
Write InventoryEnables placing stock limits on pre orders.
Storefront PermissionsProvides integrated theme experiences with Downpay.

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Updated on: 22/03/2024

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