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Edit the customer cancellation policy

Checkout will include a set of terms if a product includes a purchase option. The language is broad since it is the same terms that are used for subscriptions.

Below you will learn how to edit these terms.

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Cancellation policy

Language in checkout
Purchase option agreement
Cancellation policy label

Cancellation Policy

The full cancellation policy is linked from the checkout.

To edit the cancellation policy follow the steps below.

Navigate to your store's settings

Click Policies

Scroll to Purchase options cancellation policy

Edit your policy in the box provided

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Language in Checkout

Purchase option agreement

A purchase option agreement is included in the checkout when it includes a product with a purchase option.

Follow these steps to edit this language.

Cancellation policy label

A link to the cancellation policy can be linked from the purchase option agreement. The label on the policy and in the checkout is "Cancellation policy"

Follow these steps to edit this label.

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Updated on: 22/03/2024

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