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Setup Questions

Can you help me set up Downpay?

If you need any help, please book a call with our team and we'd be happy to help set Downpay up for you.

How do I add Downpay to all my products?

You can use the bulk editor in the Shopify product page to add products in groups of 50. If you have a large product catalog, contact us at and we can add a deposit plan to all products for you or to specific tags.

I am getting an error ""downpay-form" not added" when trying to add the Downpay block to my theme

If you are getting an error, it's likely due to the Downpay product block already being enabled on your store. Navigate to your theme editor product template and look for the Downpay app block on the left hand side. Use this guide to for detailed help.

Can I have more than one plan on a specific product?

While Downpay allows you to create more than one plan per product however only the first created plan for that product will appear on your storefront.

Do you support adding products to a purchase option by collection?

Unfortunately Smart collections do not expose a way to detect when products are added or removed from them. That means we have no way to keep purchase option and smart collection membership in sync. To get around this, customers can use the bulk editor to add products to a purchase option with this guide.

How can Downpay be used to offer a trial instead of a deposit?

Downpay can be used to offer a trial period where the remainder of the payment is only collected if the product is not returned. Simply create a plan with the deposit amount you wish the trial to cost and choose a period of time to offer the trial with the "number of days after checkout" release date option.

Customer Workflow Questions

How do my customers manage their Downpay orders?

After installing Downpay, you can enable the customer portal using our guide found in the Initial Setup section. In the Downpay general settings, you can enable cancellations within customer accounts. This will allow customers to manage their deposit orders without contacting your customer support. Orders cannot be cancelled by a customer once final payment has been collected.

Do customers have a way to finish paying off their order any any time?

Customers will be able to use a "Pay Now" button on their order confirmation page.

Compatibility Questions

Does Downpay support bundles?

Shopify's new bundle app is not compatible with Downpay however others might be. Please contact us and let us know which app you are using so we can help determine compatibility.

Does Downpay support draft orders?

Draft orders are not compatible with any deposit app currently. If you'd like to offer products with deposits, we recommend creating them in your online store and hiding them from search in order to take advantage of deposits.

Does Downpay support subscriptions?

Downpay can be used along side subscriptions, but you will not be able to offer a deposit on a subscription product.

Which languages does Downpay support?

Downpay includes 15 languages for all countries supported by Shopify Payments. Contact us to if you require an additional language that isn't listed.

Does Downpay support the apps I'm using?

We are constantly testing apps to make sure we can support as many types of functionality as possible. Review our guides on compatibility to learn how to set up different apps with Downpay.

Does Downpay support Facebook Commerce and/or Google Merchant Center?

Unfortunately at this time, Downpay is limited to Online Store only. This is a Shopify limitation which should eventually be lifted.

Does Downpay support Google Merchant Center?

No, you will not be able to link Shopify to Google Merchant Center in order to use things like Google Ads Smart Campaigns.

Storefront Questions

Why can't I see deposit options on my product page?

The main cause is usually that your store is not using Shopify Payments or the Paypal Express payment method with automatic payments enabled. Read more on our supported payment gateways guide.

Why do deposit options get removed on my cart or checkout?

This issue is usually caused by a conflicting app removing the deposit plan from products during their workflow. For more help on compatibility, contact us directly for recommendations on compatible apps.

I need my deposits to be non-refundable. How do I communicate that with my customers?

During checkout, customers are shown a link to your cancellation policy. If you would like to change the default text of the policy, you can do so in your Shopify Admin, under Settings > Policies. Enter your policy in the ‘Purchase options cancellation policy’ section.

Why does it say "Subscription policy" on my checkout?

Shopify currently has a bug that displays "Subscription" instead of "Purchase Option" when Downpay is installed. To modify this, review our date management guide in the Workflows section.

I'm getting an error on checkout with a deposit that says "This store is not accepting payments".

This error is due to your store having payouts frozen by Shopify. In order to unblock Downpay, you must contact Shopify directly to unfreeze payouts.

Why am I seeing the Downpay option twice?

Some themes include an option "Subscriptions" toggle that tries to pull in our deposits. Another reason might be that the Downpay block was installed twice on the theme.

Updated on: 21/11/2023

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