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Customer cancellation policy

About customer purchase terms and cancellation policies

By default, any Downpay purchase option includes an easy to understand set of terms at checkout and link directing customers to the purchase option cancellation policy. This set of terms is included to let customers know their payment method will be stored on file for a future charge. It is the same terms that are used for apps enabling subscriptions, so the language is broad.

There are 3 customizations that can be made to the policy:

The paragraph related to stored payment at checkout
The cancellation policy that is linked at checkout
The header of the cancellation policy popup page presented to customers

1. Paragraph on checkout

Follow this guide for content changes to the paragraph displayed at checkout for deposits.

2. Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy linked in the purchase terms box can be modified using the instructions below.

Modify purchase option cancellation policy

Cancellation policies help businesses ensure customers are aware of non refundable deposits, restocking fees, and more.


1. Navigate to your store's settings page from the ⚙️ located in the left navigation bar.

2. Click Policies and scroll down to Purchase options cancellation policy to add your policy in the box provided.

3. Header in of the cancellation policy on checkout

To modify the header of the cancellation policy, follow this guide.

Updated on: 30/11/2023

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