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Creating deposit purchase options

This guide assumes you already have a product in your store that you are ready to create a payment option for. If you do not have a product, add one in the Products section of the Shopify admin. A Shopify help guide can be found here.

Creating purchase options using Downpay's interface

The goal of this guide is to help you create your first purchase option using Downpay's app interface and offer deposits on your products.


Navigate to the Downpay app from the Shopify admin by clicking Apps in the left hand navigation bar.

Select Downpay from the search drop down.

Once Downpay is open, you can pin the app to your admin left navigation bar by using the 📌 icon located in the top right of the app page.

Click Create purchase option in the top right.

Name your purchase option by inserting a title into the Purchase option name field. This field is merchant facing will also be used as an order tag.

[Optional] you can adjust the line item help text field which is displayed on cart and checkout.

Click Select product(s) and use the search bar or scroll to find the products you wish to include. For variant selection, contact us to be added to the beta.

If you want to bulk select products, view the bulk add products to Downpay guide.
Select whether you would like to offer a deposit on your purchase option as either a percentage or an exact amount.

To disable the Full Payment purchase option, uncheck the box titled Give customers the option to pay in full

Select the date at which you estimate your product will be available.
Exact dates are useful for upcoming preorders with specific release dates. Exact dates can also be used as estimations and be changed later on.
Relative dates are useful for custom made products or dropshipping

Click Save to create the purchase option

Once you save a purchase option, it will become active. Ensure you’re working on a draft product if you would like to make the option available at a later date.

In order for purchase options to appear in your theme on products, Shopify Payments or Paypal Express with approved Automatic Payment status must be enabled.

Disable regular buy now option if Downpay purchase options exist on a product

By default, Downpay enables two options, a deposit and a pay in full option that goes through a standard Shopify checkout. You can disable pay in full on your purchase options.

Downpay purchase options are only available for certain sales channels and payment methods that are listed on this page under Eligibility requirements. If you choose to only use Downpay purchase options, your customers may lose the ability to purchase these products on unsupported channels and payment methods.


Uncheck the box named Give customers the option to pay in full under Deposit options when creating or modifying a Purchase Option and click Save.

Updated on: 15/02/2024

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