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Uninstalling Downpay

We hope you never have to uninstall ❤️ but incase our product is not a fit, this guide will help ensure a clean uninstall.

The most critical piece to uninstalling any app on Shopify is understanding that the app loses all permissions immediately upon uninstall and any custom settings may not be fully removed. Below are some of these key areas and how to ensure a clean uninstall.

Products sold only with deposits will not allow customers to checkout upon uninstall

If you had any products on your store that were offered to customers without a pay in full option, you will need to ensure that the pay in full option is reactivated. Below are two options to doing this:

Option 1

Prior to uninstalling Downpay, delete your purchase options in app or turn on pay in full on them. This will ensure all products return to only a pay in full option after uninstall.

Option 2

If you've already uninstalled Downpay, navigate to each product page, scroll down to the Purchase Options section and uncheck the button named: Only show this product with these purchase options. This will ensure products can be added to cart again.

Theme uninstall

If you were using Themes 2.0 Downpay blocks or Downpay embeds, uninstalling the app will remove these blocks gracefully.

If you had a manual theme install due to a legacy theme, please contact us and we will remove all theme files for you.

Feedback is a gift

Lastly, we want to thank you for trying our app and would love to hear from you on why Downpay wasn't a fit. We are constantly iterating and focused on ensuring we support native Shopify features as quickly as possible. Please contact us any time with your feedback by emailing us at

Updated on: 02/11/2023

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