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Installing Downpay to your theme

Shopify Theme Architecture Overview

Shopify offers two theme architecture types, OS 2.0 and vintage. Learn more about the feature differences and how to determine which theme type your store uses with this guide.

Installing Downpay to your theme

Our in-app onboarding will also automatically detect the type of theme architecture your store however we have included both guides to help you with setup should you ever change theme types.

2.0 Themes

To install Downpay theme blocks on your 2.0 theme, use the Adding Downpay to 2.0 themes guide.

Vintage Themes

While Vintage themes are no longer available, merchants who have purchased a vintage theme can still use Downpay to display deposit options on the product template and subtotals on the cart template with the Adding Downpay to vintage themes guide

Updated on: 27/11/2023

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