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Editing purchase options

Editing deposit purchase options

Modifying Downpay purchase options can be useful when you want to add more products to an existing option, adjust deposit amount or type, or adjust expected release dates that are displayed on your storefront. Changing properties on a Downpay purchase option does not affect orders that have already been placed.

To begin, click the Downpay purchase option you wish to modify from the app overview screen.

Edit products

If more than one purchase option exists for a specific product, Downpay will only display the first purchase option that includes this product on your storefront.


1. Click Select product(s). Select and deselect products you wish to add or remove and click add

2. Click Save to finish modifying the purchase option.

:::info Note
Purchase option names cannot be changed after being created.

Edit deposit type


1. Adjust deposit type and amount in the Deposit section.

2. Click Save to finish modifying the purchase option.

Edit remaining balance charge date


1. If you have created a purchase option using the date type called On a specific date, you can use the calendar to change the date.

2. Click Save to finish modifying the purchase option.

Date types cannot be changed. Please create a new purchase option to switch types. Make sure to add all products into the new purchase option and delete the old one.

Deleting purchase options

Purchase options can easily be deleted using the Delete button located beside the respective option in the Downpay app.

Updated on: 02/11/2023

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